Why Having a Pre-Made Logo is Not a Good Idea

Not Original

Pre-made logos lack originality and don’t give your business a unique standpoint. Because a pre-made logo is mass-produced and not designed with YOUR brand in mind, there are high chances that some other business might be having the same type of logo as yours.

Not Cheap

WHAT? You are probably thinking:
“Hiring a professional logo designer costs a lot more!”

Well… depends on how you see it. If you do not invest up front, as your business grows, you will have to rebrand yourself and have a distinct logo anyway.

Now you just wasted your pre-made logo investment.

No Identity

Your logo is the identity of your business. It should be able to tell your brand’s story and indicate your business values. A generic logo will not be able to capture the essence of your brand.

A pre-made logo is not created by keeping the specifics of your business in mind and is designed by professionals who have not researched your niche, your competitors nor have an understanding of the design concepts and buyer’s psychology.

Not Versatile

A pre-made logo is often delivered in limited formats and one-size-fits-all design. From print to social media, big to small, your logo should be usable in all formats across various platforms.

Professional logo designers ensure that the logo created by them can be used across different mediums from business cards to large sizes like billboards.

If you want your logo to:

  • Increase customer recognition and credibility,
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors
  • Create a positive first impression

A pre-made logo is NOT a good idea!

Think is time to get professional help? BN Graphic Designs would be delighted to meet with you to review your design needs. Visit our portfolio to see samples of projects we have completed or reach out to us to get started.

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