Simple Steps To Good Design

Avoid Large Logos

Display confidence in your brand. Having your logo at a modest but legible size will demonstrate that your company is successful enough that you shouldalready recognize the brandmark.

Make It Credible

Avoid in-your-face gradients, starbursts, and busy illustrations that don’t make any sense. Yes, it’ll be noticeable, but at the expense of your brand credibility. If you don’t bring value exclusively by being cheap, then don’t use design elements that cheapen your brand.

Limit the variety of fonts

Stick with 2-3 typefaces at most whenever possible. The more you add, the more divided your audience’s attention will be. Different typefaces evoke differentfeelings and meanings. Your font selections are just as important as your colors and imagery.

Don’t Forget The White SpaceAdd space between lines and do not cramp too much information in a small space. White space should not be treated like real estate. Stick tocontent that achieves your goal, and give your audience’s poor retinas a break!

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