Do and Don’t – In Your Design

With so much content out there being viewed everyday, capturing people’s attention is becoming harder and harder. How can you make your brand stand out among the rest? Here are 5 design tips that will help boost your designs to the next level and capture your audience’s attention.

Do Simple

Too much detail in the logo cramps and confuses the audience with the message you want to put across.Using too many words in the logo defeats its purpose.It is a logo. It is not an essay.

Don’t Focus On Trends

The first impression lasts and a successful logo will stand out for its uniqueness and will always be remembered. Make your logo significant. When you tie a logo to a particular trend, fad, or movement. In time your design becomes outdated, and your business will be outdated too.

Do Research

Nothing beats a well-researched design with your audience in mind. Using the psychology of color, shape, and typeface are the key to a successful logo.

f you don’t do your homework and research with your audience in mind, knowing how to use Graphic Design software’s will not make you a good designer.

Don’t Copy

Don’t use clip-art and downloadable designs on the web. Most of all do not plagiarize! Plagiarize can be punished in a court for prejudices caused by copyright infringement, violation of moral rights, or torts.

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